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Harness the power of solar energy and start enjoying reduced energy bills from day one, with no upfront costs.


We understand that the initial investment for solar and battery systems has been a significant barrier for many interested households. This is why we're excited to introduce a breakthrough opportunity in partnership with NRN (National Renewable Network), designed to overcome this challenge and begin your transition to solar energy.

Why Consider This Opportunity?

  • Zero Upfront Investment: One of the biggest hurdles people face in going solar is the initial cost of upwards of $20,000. With NRN, that's a non-issue. We can also now offer solar energy to renters, individuals on carer's or disability pensions, and even those with failed serviceability checks.

  • Immediate Savings on Energy Bills: Harness the power of solar energy and start enjoying reduced energy bills from day one. Customers see yearly savings of between $700 and $1000 on their electricity bills. This is achieved by NRN’s energy retail partners offering fixed solar and battery usage rates, protecting you from unexpected bill spikes. 

  • Seamless Installation Process: Our team manages the entire process, ensuring a hassle-free installation and activation of your system. We will also maintain the system at no cost to you for ten (10) years.

  • Community and Environmental Impact: Embrace solar power not only as a personal benefit but as a contribution to a greener community and a healthier planet.

  • Purchase the System: NRN respects your freedom to choose. You can buy the system at any time with a depreciated schedule that starts when your solar and battery systems are switched on.

What’s the catch?

We can't blame you for thinking there must be a catch. We thought the same thing when first hearing of the opportunity. But, we are happy to say there IS NO catch. NRN partners with energy retailers to provide a plan where you only pay for the solar power you use at a discounted rate, meaning it is much cheaper than power from the grid. It’s like a phone plan only where you pay for two years and own your phone at the end of it - only this way, after ten years, you can own the solar and battery system.

Essentially the energy generated on your rooftop is returned to the energy retailer. Because of this, they offer you a discounted supply charge, significantly reducing your electricity costs. 

Next Steps to Solar Savings

Getting started is straightforward. Simply complete the eligibility form below to express your interest. Provide a few details about your property, and we will be in touch to discuss the seamless transition to solar energy tailored for you.

Take 2 minutes to check your eligibility below:

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you shortly with your options.

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